Tuesday, July 31, 2007

very little progress

I don't have much new work to show. I have been bogged down with freezing food from the garden and getting the kids to the water as much as possible. I decided to bail on the Harry Potter sock swap as I had to get a new blogger address for it and i just don't feel like I can handle any more right now.
My drama for the day is that a large bird flew into my windshield this morning and four hours later I found it in the back of my pickup still alive. It was a Pileated Woodpecker and it was just stunning. I was in town and it was roasting hot and I didn't know what to do and I felt very guilty for being the one to injure it in the first place. I finally found a nature center that took it and was going to get it to the bird rescue place so I do hope it will survive. It distressed me way more than I thought it would have. Anyway...in the world of knitting I am just plugging away at the two pairs of socks, two scarves and one sweater I have already posted about. I did manage to make two little felted bags. I am going on vacation for a week in a couple of days and am hoping to finish a few of these things before I go. I hope to have something to show soon. Hope everyone is having a fun summer.


jessie said...

I found a drowned wild bird in our chicken/turkey watering pan yesterday. I felt terrible.

I hope your bird has a better future than that one does. At least you had the chance to save it.

Karen said...

I would feel bad too, but it does seem as though it was a mutual injury - it DID fly into your windshield. You did the best you could for it, and I think more than many would have done. I would have done the same. I remember we had some baby ducklings in our window well one yar and I called everybody and their brother trying to figure out how to save them. They were jumping and breaking their little necks trying to get out and it was very distressing. Kudos to you for finding someone to help the woodpecker. Hope next week is better.