Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Our first baby lamb was born today at lunchtime- on my husband's birthday!! He was the one who found her. He called and I raced home from work and there she was, all damp and soooooo cute! We are in love.

Mom's name is Yarrow, grandmother is Yesterday and this little one is named Yvonne (after a good friend who loves my sheep almost as much as I do!!)

Friday, February 11, 2011

winter update

I have been getting a little spinning done in these snowy winter days. I am trying to use up the rovings that I have and process the fleeces before we shear next week.

Here are the girls in all of their pregnant glory. They are due a few days after we get home from vacation in February and I have all of my lambing supplies ready to use if needed. Their wool is thick and warm and I can't wait to have my own homegrown wool and homegrown babies!!!

The wheel picture is just thrown in. I am borrowing it from a woman who hasn't used it in 30 years. It is a little squeaky and I am not sure that I love it yet but it is nice to have a light weight wheel to move around the house. It's an old Louet and I would love any advice on the care of Louet wheels. I hope all of my fiber friends are staying warm and finding time to play with wool!!