Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Back home

Well, I am back at home and the work begins again. I was lucky to have alot of knitting time on vacation. I finished the baby socks and my mother's hat and scarf set. I also made a scarf for my niece
and finished two blocks for the Lizard Ridge afghan. I was amazed at how quickly the squares knit up. This is a picture of them unblocked. I am going to block these two to get a feel for how they will really turn out. I also changed the pattern a little and did four repeats instead of three because I seemed to have alot of extra yarn after three. I have small balls left after four which I am taking for the kids to use with the comfort dolls. They (and I) love the yarn that changes color!
I have been so grateful for the warm and sunny days we have had here in Vermont. I was very cold the first few days back and the nice weather helped me to adjust. I have alot of photos to send off for developing so ta ta!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

i'm on vacation!

This is my view from the living space in our Florida condo. It is so wonderful to be somewhere that is warm, even if it is too windy to be on the beach. We have the pool and it is heated and the kids are all happy! I have to say that I love knitting in the sun.
I started the first square of the Lizard Ridge afghan. I saw it on and fell in love instantly. The pattern is pretty easy to follow although I may do four repeats instead of three if yarn allows. I will put up a picture of the first square soon. I get alot of knitting time here as we have both grandmas with us!

Here are the finished baby socks. They turned out to be pretty cute and I hope they fit. Little babies can be so chunky you never know. I will get to meet my new neice in a few days. I am looking foward to a little baby snuggling time.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

comfort doll update

Here is the update on our comfort doll project. The kids are really excited about it and I have a couple of girls who are knitters at home who have already made more than one! WE would love help from others to reach our goal of 100 so if you are interested the pattern is on this site (scroll down)and you can e-mail me for our address. It is a great way to use up odds and ends and they knit up very quick!
We are having a blizzard here today in Vermont and we got the day off of school. YEAH!! My family is gearing up for a trip to Florida next week with all of the grandparents and I really have to use today to unpack the attic and pack up the suitcases! I am looking foward to the 12 hour car ride to DC- I am planning on finishing up the scarf and sock on the way. Happy Valentine's Day!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

it all works out

My daughter Abby has three pairs of handknit wool blend socks that I love for her to wear in the winter to keep her toes warm. She does not feel the same as they fall down alot! I decided to make her another pair in her favorite color- pink- with ribbing and smaller needles in hopes that they stay up and she will wear them. I also cast on less stitches which, in hindsight was not the best idea so... is the sock. Isn't it cute? It is fingering yarn from Brown Sheep. What is the problem? Here is the sock on Abby...
It is so small it doesn't even go onto her foot! Thankfully I have a new niece that I haven't given a welcome to the world gift yet so I am now making them for her. A gift completed and my first pair of socks for the sock KAL 3!! It all works out! Just one last picture of Abby as she is helping me write this post today.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

too fun!!

These mitts are so fun to make. I am having a hard time getting things done that I have to do because I just want to sit and knit (is this any different than any other day?) The second one is almost complete and my kids all want a pair.
I joined my first sock KAL. I am excited. A pair of socks a month for the next six months. I believe I can do this! To find this knitalong go to

Friday, February 2, 2007

scarf interrupted...

I have been faithfully chugging away at my mother's alpaca scarf but I find myself each evening staring at the stash (my wall of yarn, my husband calls it!) looking for something new to start. I need a break from socks as I have just made three pairs this month but I love the sock yarn, so... I am making fingerless gloves out of Koigu. I have had these skeins for a couple of years and I have started socks and a scarf out of it but neither were its destiny. I decided on the mitts because the room where my husband and I watch movies and TV is always COLD and when my hands get cold I don't want to knit. I am hoping that the mitts will help or else my husband will have to start watching movies alone while I knit in front of the fire!