Saturday, July 12, 2008

been a long time

True to my past schedule I haven't blogged since the last time I had a break from school. I have been really busy with my fiber projects this summer and I will have alot to show you once I get my camera working.

First up in this post though is my first dyed roving spun up into a single.
I have a new fiber friend and we dyed this roving in a crock pot using three different colors. I had merino roving and she had some wool top that we dyed in the same pot at the same time. It was amazing to see how differently they took the colors. We just got together last night and plied her single with mine and I will have a photo of that soon.

I love that I have a new friend who loves wool as much as I do. I enjoy the blogging community because it makes me aware of other passionate fiber fanatics but I rarely get to meet them in person. Kristin came over the other night and looked at the stash with me and talked fiber and ideas and knitting and we had such a nice time.

I have spent alot of time spinning while I have the summer off of school. I am still studying for the boards which I take in ten days and then I will start a part time job. I got a job at a quaker based assisted living community and i am looking forward to working with people during the end of life process.

Back to knitting content-- (I have been doing some of that too!)

First up a morning surf scarf as seen in the latest Spin Off. This was a fun project and stitch pattern to work with. It is some of my first handspun yarn and I think it turned out well. The roving was from Spunky Eclectic called Delphinium.
This next project is one of the cutest things I have ever knit. It is a Minnowknits pattern made from a now discontinued yarn put out by Cascade. I forget the name of the yarn but it is cotton and 1% nylon which gives it a little strech. I have some cute fimo buttons to sew on and voila- a baby gift!
There is so much more to show and talk about and one of these days when the garden is not such a jungle of weeds I will take more pictures. Happy summer to all in blogland!


LauraRose said...

This is so cool. It's no where near as good as an actual visit where I could fondle your projects and squeek over your wall of yarn of course, but at least I can see what you've been up to. I'm so excited that you have taken up spinning, too. It totally rocks doesn't it? I love your cooperative dyeing/plying project idea!

I'll bookmark you, and look for you on Ravelry, though I haven't done much there either

jessie said...

Pretty spinning and knitting. I made the morning surf scarf last year and it is a fun pattern, isn't it?

LauraRose said...

I guess I accidentally subscribed to the comments for this post, but it's great because I saw Jessie's comment on the "morning surf scarf" and I thought "morning surf scarf?" I looked at it and sure enough it's the same--there are about 10 of these in different yarns in the summer '08 Spin-Off which I just got in the mail yesterday! It looks like a fun pattern, and good for slightly imperfect yarn--add another idea to my queue!