Monday, November 23, 2009

Return to blogland

I seemed to have disappeared from my cyber world in the last year. Nursing school is finished, I have a full time job as an ER nurse and I love it! Life is full and very busy with three kids and a full time job.
I do manage to find time to play with my wool, and my needlefelting supplies business is starting to take off. It is all word of mouth and mostly local for now as that is all I can handle, but it gives me great reason to dye alot of wool in interesting colors.

My reentry into blogland comes from a need to share my new beautiful tool...

It is a Jensen Tina original in black walnut and finished with three coats of walnut oil. I have wanted this wheel for a long time and ordered it in June. It just arrived last week as Mr. Jensen takes the summers off to fish. My friend Kristin has one I have been coveting and now we can spin on our Tina's together!!

I did finally make it to Rhinebeck this year, now that I have a job and can take a weekend off without feeling guilty leaving the kids behind with my husband. It was such a great time. I took a spinning exotic fibers class and have a lot of new fun fiber to spin.
One last little note (not so little anymore) that has taken up an immense amount of the whole family's time...

This is Maggie and she was born on June 22nd. She is a lab, shepard, rottweiler mix and full of fun and energy. She LOVES the kids and has fit right into our world of chaos. She is recovering from a broken leg right now but still as happy as pie and up to no good!
Hope to have some fiber goodness to post soon.


LauraRose said...

Oooooh! Jensens's are s'pozed to be real nice! Cutest puppy! The kids aren't so little anymore either! Good to hear from you (says this other poor poster)!

Holly said...

Hey there Heather,
I thought I saw you post a comment on something somewhere else on the blogoshphere (I was wrong) so I googled you and found your blog - hope you are doing good.
Love your spinner, and your pooch. I'll bookmark your blog in case you return before another year. Take care, Holly (Brock)