Friday, April 13, 2007

i have a problem

When I started the blog I wondered if yarn addict was a silly name but today I realize that it is the truth. I am a yarn addict. I don't know if it is the winter blues or spring fever but I have made alot of purchases this week and I have an almost overwhelming amount of WIPs. I just received a box of Noro Kochoran I bought on ebay today and have already casted on for an afghan I am going to make by mixing two colorways. I have no idea how they will look together, as with Noro it is hard to tell until you knit it up, but I am looking foward to snuggling up in a blanket so soft. These are the colors.
I have had some finished projects though. I finished the purple silk scarf and made a second which I am wearing and I have gone a little crazy with the washcloths. They are really fun and fast to make and I think I just needed something like that. I am trying to make a set for each teacher I work with for an end of the year gift. I will be leaving my job at the end of the school year to go to nursing school full time. I am looking foward to the school experience but I will miss all my colleagues and students.
I am going to work hard to finish my research paper tonight so I can spend the next snow storm doing nothing but enjoying my knitting. A big one is coming Sunday so wish all of us New Englanders happy thoughts!


Rebecca said...

Gotta love those Ballband dishcloths! I joined the KNIT FROM YOUR STASH 2007 to help me with my yarn addiction and it really has helped! I think I could knit for years and years with the yarn I already have on hand.

Welcome to the Hogwart Swap. All pals have been assigned so if you haven't received yours send me an email!

rita said...

Yarn addiction? There's something wrong with that? I call it being ready for any eventuality!