Tuesday, April 10, 2007

sock swap

I am excited about the new sock swap I joined. It is the first swap and it is a Harry Potter sock swap. You can check it out here. My oldest son and I have been reading the HP series and he is so into it. He helped me with the sorting quiz and did it for himself too. He was not sorted into Gryffindor and now wants to try all the sorting quizzes we can find online to see if he will get in at a different site. It is fun to see him so excited about books and reading. Anyway, I think he is just as happy as me about the socks and it will help us have some good knitting time together.
I went crazy with the cute washclothes this weekend and have already made seven more. I will get a picture up soon as well as a new photo of all the kids comfort dolls!

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Rebecca said...

Just a reminder to post your Hogwarts Questionnaire that I emailed you. After you do that you will receive your Hogwarts Sock Pal.

Professor M. MacGonagal
Hogwarts Deputy Headmistress