Saturday, September 15, 2007

bad blogger

I have become a spinner!! I love doing it and I get started on a color and I just go until I finish. This is what I made yesterday and this morning. I got this roving at the VT sheep and wool festival last weekend. I love going and besides the vast amount of wool that I came home with I had other exciting things happen. I met some blogging friends in person!! Pippi Knee Socks was there selling her beautiful hand dyed fiber and yarn and Amy from Spunky Eclectic was right next door to her. Amy is the first person I bought roving from and I happened to have the first yarn I had spun with me so it was neat to show it to her and meet her.
My good friend Brigette was there with her handspun and beautiful felted containers. She won first prize for the vase she entered at the festival. Pretty cool.

Here is a picture of my new identity which has taken up most of my time for the past month...nursing student Heather:

I love school and have been learning really great things. It has been a big adjustment for my family to have me gone most of the week. It is like having a full time job without the pay and homework! I do get a little knitting done on the side but not as rapidly as I used to! Here are the promised picutres from my vacation knitting back in August. I finished the motego bay scarf from IK. It was the first time using Handmaiden Sea Silk and as nice as it is to wear and feel it was kind of a pain to knit with. I do love how the scarf came out. I still haven't decided if i want to go with the fringe or not- we'll see.

This little bag is now felted along with three others just like it in different colors. I love things i can whip out in a day- it made for good vacation knitting and now I have a few things made for my fall craft fair.

I made a quick pair of socks out of Noro which I traded with a friend for a massage. She is a great friend who i only see for short periods of time each summer when we go to the island so I wanted her to have something nice to take home until next year!

This last photo is something I am so proud of. My first cabled project! I was afraid of cables and now that I tried it I can't belive it has taken me so long. I am already half way through another hat! This one is made out of some handspun I bought at the NH sheep and wool. I am keeping this project for myself! I want to become braver with the cabling but most of them seem to be on charts and I haven't started with charts yet. They give me anxiety to think that I have to follow them when usually I am knitting with three young'uns running around. We'll see.

I have the body finished on my cardigan sweater and will start on the sleeves this week. I hope to have a finished object to show you soon.

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jessie said...

Learning to spin and going to nursing school don't go well together, but both sound wonderful.

Love the Montego Bay scarf; I'm contemplating making on in a heavier yarn. Do you think it will work? (I saw a picture of one I really liked.)