Friday, October 26, 2007

one month later

I guess my blog will be monthly while I am in school. It is hard to find time to make dinner let alone do anything like blog about knitting. I am still finding time to knit though. It is what saves me during a stressful week!
I just unearthed this vest that I finished knitting about two years ago. It was supposed to get a zipper front but I hated the way the collar looked and it was kind of itchy to wear zipped up so it sat and sat. I got motivated to finish it up so I took out the neck and just crocheted a simple edge up both sides and around the neck. It is drying now and then I have one of those silver clasps I will sew on and voila!- a finished project. It is one of the great things about WIP's. I feel like I got a lot done in a short time!
I don't know if I will actually keep the vest but if not it will make a nice gift and Christmas is coming.
Up next is another WIP that I have been slowly working on for at least six months. I loved the Koigu yarn but I wanted to see it instead of having it on my feet so...

It is a twisted rib pattern from Mountain Colors that I got at last years NH S&W Fest. I just finished it this morning and now it is blocked and drying. yeah-a new fall scarf.
These are some simple wool/silk garter stitch scarves for an upcoming craft fair. I used the J Knits yarn and I really like it. I stopped by my LYS one day for a pair of needles and came out with a hundred dollars worth of yarn. It happens.

This last photo is a project for a good friend who is having a baby soon. I was making it for someone else but you know how as you are making something it tells you who it belongs to? that is what happened here and I am glad. This way I will see it on the new baby. The yarn is Noro Kochoron which is great to work with and it is a simple vest.

There is not much more to show except a room full of half finished project and a desk full of books. School is awesome. I love all that I am learning and my clinicals are great. I am at a nursing home right now and i didn't realize how much i would love it. I could do this for a job when I am done. I have three more weeks in the first semester and I am really looking foward to a much needed break. It is amazing how much i get done when my time is really limited although if you walked into my house it is apparent what I have let go of!
I was sad to have missed Rhinebeck but it is fun to look at other blogs and read about it. This is why I am in school- to get a job and not worry how much I spend on yarn and fiber!

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