Saturday, January 19, 2008

catch up

I have so much going on and very little extra time for myself that the blog has just taken a very last page in life. I have been expanding my fiber pursuits these days and doing alot of spinning on MY NEW WHEEL!! I got a Kromski Minstrel for Christmas from the kind Bill at Copper Moose. He is local in VT and was recommended by three different friends. I did have a good experience with him and my wheel is great. It has taken a little adjustment to get used to as it is a double drive and double treadle and feels quite different than the Louet S15 I was using but I am getting the hang of it. Of course I don't have pictures yet but one thing at a time.

These are a few of the Christmas knits I made for my family this year. The pink skirt was for my daughter in her favorite color which she promptly told me she won't wear. I am looking for a new pink-loving recipient! It was a pattern I got off knitty and even though I made a size six and she is three it seemed a little tight for her.
The vest was a request from my son. He actually wanted the whole thing knit out of the bright green color in the stripe. I did spin that yarn out of some merino from Linda at Sunset fibers. She does really nice work and has a fiber of the month club. I decided it was just too bright for me to make a whole garment out of so he got a Charlie Brown stripe instead. It fits his personality to have that stripe. He is being a good boy and loving his new knitted gift!
The hat was my husband's christmas gift and it was the best spun yarn I have made. This was some merino from the Yarn Wench and I created that pattern. It is a cabled brim and just stockinette top. He has worn it every day since I made it which is nice as he is not into the handknits quite as much as me! He also got a pair of socks but alas, no picture of those either.

I have made a few pair of mittens out of my handspun and they are a great project for a small amount of yarn or for mixing yarns. I also have the Book of Yarn that has taught me about what I am making and how to use it and I got the Spin to Knit book for a gift also. It is a little more basic but it has info about people I know so that part is neat.

Nursing school is intense but i love it so much. After eight years of being a stay-at-home mom it is awesome to have my own schedule and routine. My family and friends have been so supportive that I give out a big thanks to them!!

I hope to be back soon with some fun fiber photos.

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jessie said...

Congratulations on the new wheel! Very exciting...