Monday, March 5, 2007

more blocks

The lizard ridge squares are coming along. (pattern can be found at ) They are addictive to knit as most things are with the kureyon wool. I have been finding that alot of my skeins may not work as well as I hoped. For each square you knit from both ends. After 6 rows you change ends and supposedly get a sharp contrast in color. The problem has been that alot of the skeins have the same color starting on both ends of the skein. I have been going through all of the skeins I have, which seem to be alot, and it looks as if I will have to purchase more if I want the dramatic color changes i am looking for.
I have also really been needing a garter stitch project so I can just knit and meditate. My children have had so much vacation that I am going crazy and it seems like they may be too. We had our Feb vacation two weeks ago and now we have Mon and Tuesday off too for town meeting day in Vermont. I do not know why Monday when all of the meetings are Tuesday but it is what it is. The children are so needy and grumpy with each other that I have not had time to sit and knit the projects that I have to count for or really pay attention to. Any ideas? I may just start knitting away a big square that I can add onto as I go out of Bartlett wool that I have in the stash and see what happens. Another blanket is always useful and as it takes me a long time to finish blanket projects it may be ready for next year.
My big family news is that I have been accepted into a full time nursing program starting this fall. It is a little overwhelming as it will take alot of time and money but I am determined to keep my eye on the prize and this will help my family immensely in the long run. I am looking foward to all of the great things I will learn. Well, the children are getting to watch a movie today so I am going to use that time to sit next to a cozy fire and knit by myself.

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Pippi said...

OY! I feel you on the skool Vay-cay! We are going on two weeks of "winter break" in these parts!
Your Lizard ridge looks beautious from where I'm sittin!
Today, I'm working on the pinwheel blanket I started nearly two years ago! (so, I'm also feeling you on slow progressing blankets!)
Good luck keeping the kids (& yourself) sane & horrah for the nursing program!!!!!!