Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Back home

Well, I am back at home and the work begins again. I was lucky to have alot of knitting time on vacation. I finished the baby socks and my mother's hat and scarf set. I also made a scarf for my niece
and finished two blocks for the Lizard Ridge afghan. I was amazed at how quickly the squares knit up. This is a picture of them unblocked. I am going to block these two to get a feel for how they will really turn out. I also changed the pattern a little and did four repeats instead of three because I seemed to have alot of extra yarn after three. I have small balls left after four which I am taking for the kids to use with the comfort dolls. They (and I) love the yarn that changes color!
I have been so grateful for the warm and sunny days we have had here in Vermont. I was very cold the first few days back and the nice weather helped me to adjust. I have alot of photos to send off for developing so ta ta!


Pippi said...

Welcome Home!
It has been warm, no?
I'm ready for spring, but I fear that March has other plans!

Lizard Ridge is looking Beautiful!

Dipsy Doodle said...

This scarf is so beautiful, I really love how the colours go along together - and Lizard Ridge is going to look so gorgeous too! Great work!

Dipsy D.