Thursday, June 21, 2007

busy, busy, busy

My computer is acting funny so I have no photos today but I do have some fun things to show when I get it fixed. I used Classic Elite baby camel yarn recently and I have to tell you if you see this yarn you want to buy some. It is so soft and creates a beautiful and lucious fabric. I made a neckwarmer for a friends husband and I am looking foward to using it again.
I have been under famly travel deadlines which have made me whip my garden into shape. We grow a lot of our food and getting the crops in has been a big feat. I bailed on planting corn this year but I managed to get everything else in. I also have full flower gardens for the first time! I created these gardens five years ago and up until this year they have small plants with alot of dirt. This year the plants have filled in and the dirt is minimal. I am now trying to move things and figure out what blooms at which part of the year so there can always be color. My mom is an amazing flower gardener so I have learned from her.
There has been knitting. I was on a 12 hour car ride twice this week and I finished the Hogwart's socks for my sock swap pal. They turned out to be pretty good and I hope she likes them. Bright yellow and black were new colors to work with!
I am headed off to the International Herb Symposium this weekend. I love these conferences and this is my second year going solo- without any children. I get so renewed and I need that to get through the summer.
I hope to get pictures for the next post when I get home.

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Samantha Earl said...

I got your comment about the Dream Swatch. Mine is made of bamboo and rolls in at the side. I can't think of a way not to make it roll since it's long and in stockinette stitch. When you wear it pressed against your head, it shouldn't roll. Just the tail will...

Hope that helps!