Wednesday, June 27, 2007

it's been a while

This is the grey neckwarmer made out of the baby camel yarn I wrote about earlier. It is so lucious. I used a larger needle size then called for, and to be honest, I can't remember how many stitches or what size needles I used and I already gifted it to the intended. I wanted to show you the project as I recommend people try out this yarn. Classic Elite Baby Camel.
This baby sweater is for my new neice. I used Manos Stria- it is my favorite cotton. So soft and always has a nice drape. The project is Yoda Sweater from Dogs steal Yarn. Baby sweaters leave me with such a sense of satisfaction as I can complete a sweater in a few days. This following picture is the recipient of the sweater, Morgan.
I finished up a pair of socks that have been on the needles for at least half a year. They will be a gift for my son at Christmas. He already has two pairs of socks made for Christmas. i am knitting myself into a little bit of a pickle; if one kid gets two pairs of socks they all want two pairs of socks! At least the other two have smaller feet!
These last socks are for my Hogwarts Sock Swap partner. I double stranded Brown Sheep Nature Spun sport and they knitted up beautifully on size 7's. I love the Cowgirl Slipper Sock pattern in last winters Interweave Knits and I wanted to make them again. It was a little challenging to find a pattern I liked with the colors I needed to use. I hope my pal likes them.
I also did manage to find the Addi Turbo DPN's again in VA. They are my favorites and i only had one pair (I now have three!). I went to one yarn shop and the owner didn't believe me that they even make DPN's and instead told me they make circulars, "you know two needles with a string in between". I was a little offended. Anyway, my second stop at Uniquities in Vienna, VA had the Addi's and a very nice woman working there. It is a lovely shop if you are in the area. I go to see my family a few times a year and have to visit all the shops around. One of these days I would like to do a yarn crawl from here to there and stop all along the way. i know that trip will not involve my husband or children!
On a final note my Herb Conference was amazing and i met many new teachers. I took a four hour intensive in Hula dance with a magical woman from the big island of Hawaii . It is a powerful dance and she is a powerful woman. I learned alot about medicines from all of the other plant lovers there and came home feeling renewed. It has been a challenge coming home to my life of chores and children but I just go off the good energy there and count my blessings that I have chores and children to tend to!


Robin said...

The herb conference sounds interesting. I use a lot of my herbs in soapmaking. Your neice is precious! And, love the socks!!

Elizabeth said...

Great baby sweater! I've been knitting a few myself for new arrivals and pending ones as well. And it is great to go away and get rejuvenated with a great conference, but always a good thing to come home to the "real life." Hold onto to the great things you learned! They sound wonderful.