Friday, June 1, 2007

look what I did!

I actually spun some yarn! It doesn't look great and I have a long way to go but i have figured out how to use my foot and hands at the same time (quite tricky!) and there are moments when the yarn spins itself and I feel like I am really doing it. I have already used up all of the roving in my house and am looking for more- does anyone have any suggestions?
Of course I want the soft merino beautifully dyed but I think I need to stick to wool that is easier to spin until I have more control on the wheel. Here is the wheel:
It is on indefinite loan from a friend with three young kids who is a weaver and wants to focus on that for a while. I have been wanting to learn to spin for years and the drop spindle just hasn't done it for me.
On the other news. I am working on a wrap sweater for my cousin's baby. The yarn is Manos Stria in light green. What a nice soft yarn to work with. I am using size 6 needles which are a little big so the fabric is more flowing and has a nice drape. I hope to get the sleeves done today and it all put together over the weekend.

A last picture to show you the stash enhancement that happened at WEBS the other night. It is almost all new to me yarns that I haven't used before. The possibilities are endless...


Saisquoi said...

Yay yarn!

Roving. I've gotten mine from a couple of different places: picked some lovely stuff up this weekend at Fiber Frolic in Maine (from Friends Folly Farm and Spunky Eclectic); bought some from the Elegant Ewe in Concord; and I just ordered some Romney from a seller on Etsy (I think I ordered from fleecemakers.) The Etsy stuff was reasonably priced and is nice to the touch--I'll be spinning some of it up this week so will be able to let you know what I *really* think of it.

For what it's worth, my spinning mentor recommends medium to long wools like Blue Faced Leicester, Border Leicester, Coopworth, Corriedale, Jacob, Romney--they're supposed to be a bit easier to spin when you're learning. Good luck!

Rebecca said...

Oh my...the possibilities ARE limitless!