Sunday, February 18, 2007

i'm on vacation!

This is my view from the living space in our Florida condo. It is so wonderful to be somewhere that is warm, even if it is too windy to be on the beach. We have the pool and it is heated and the kids are all happy! I have to say that I love knitting in the sun.
I started the first square of the Lizard Ridge afghan. I saw it on and fell in love instantly. The pattern is pretty easy to follow although I may do four repeats instead of three if yarn allows. I will put up a picture of the first square soon. I get alot of knitting time here as we have both grandmas with us!

Here are the finished baby socks. They turned out to be pretty cute and I hope they fit. Little babies can be so chunky you never know. I will get to meet my new neice in a few days. I am looking foward to a little baby snuggling time.


isabelle said...

okay -before i write another long note i'm going to test this first - i wrote you and then it all got erased nd didnt send!

isabelle said...

okay -it worked that time! this is kimberly and i just wrote you a long note but it then dissappeared! maybe i took too long! i miss you! i love seeing the picture of where you are! nice pool and palm trees -are you enjoying youself? i'm enjoying not having to get up and scramble around making breakfast and luches and rushe out the door. i'm really enjoying the time i just spend at home but of course my children need some more diversions and so we've been x-country skiiing with moriah,s family and yesterday we went to the greenhouse with margaret and kids and painted plants - that was great being in that humid plant and flower filled emma and maie are here while margRET works and we are going swimming at vtc later.i'm going to send this note in pieces in case i get disconnected again

isabelle said...

okay it worked -its still me - so -peter finally found a big ol' diesel truck and he and kai are heading down on the train saturday to pick it up in virginia - they'll stay with his folks and head back on monday and make it home tuesday. nona is sending isabelle and i 100$ to have fun while they are away! so we are heading to burlington on sunday to look for a yarn store, go to the tea house, find a cheap pedicure, go to chocolate shop,browse around and go out to eat - we are pretty excited! laura invited us over for bruch on saturday - i'm psyched about that.oh-HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMIE!!!!!HOPE you have a good one - we're thinking of you.
oh yeah- i'm knitting my hat with the lovely yarn you gave me for my birthday - i cast on 80 stitches on size 7 circulars and i'm using 2 strands of yarn - it fits well and i'm just about to start decreasing - do you have any standard ways of decreasing the top? how do you decrease for your hats you made up? no big deal- if you have a moment and its easy to type then let me know - if not i'll figure it out or talk to you when you get back. you can e-mail me at --- hope you are having a relaxing and lovely and warm time - love you - kimberly