Monday, February 12, 2007

it all works out

My daughter Abby has three pairs of handknit wool blend socks that I love for her to wear in the winter to keep her toes warm. She does not feel the same as they fall down alot! I decided to make her another pair in her favorite color- pink- with ribbing and smaller needles in hopes that they stay up and she will wear them. I also cast on less stitches which, in hindsight was not the best idea so... is the sock. Isn't it cute? It is fingering yarn from Brown Sheep. What is the problem? Here is the sock on Abby...
It is so small it doesn't even go onto her foot! Thankfully I have a new niece that I haven't given a welcome to the world gift yet so I am now making them for her. A gift completed and my first pair of socks for the sock KAL 3!! It all works out! Just one last picture of Abby as she is helping me write this post today.


Holly Burnham said...

Heather....what if you just use the smaller needles for the cuff and then switch back to the larger ones for the ankle and foot?

Abby is adorable.

Pippi said...

Oh NO!!!
I made some kneesocks once, where for the first few rows of ribing, I carried along some elastic. It would have worked out grand If (IF) My tension with the elastic was better. Those rounds wound up being way too tight.
But, those socks are so cute! Thank heavens for new family members!!!

Stay warm!!