Friday, February 2, 2007

scarf interrupted...

I have been faithfully chugging away at my mother's alpaca scarf but I find myself each evening staring at the stash (my wall of yarn, my husband calls it!) looking for something new to start. I need a break from socks as I have just made three pairs this month but I love the sock yarn, so... I am making fingerless gloves out of Koigu. I have had these skeins for a couple of years and I have started socks and a scarf out of it but neither were its destiny. I decided on the mitts because the room where my husband and I watch movies and TV is always COLD and when my hands get cold I don't want to knit. I am hoping that the mitts will help or else my husband will have to start watching movies alone while I knit in front of the fire!

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